This robotic crow is a next-gen drone giving us a weirdly futuristic x Game of Thrones vibes

An intimidating yet sociable flying crow could break the stereotype we have for the beautiful bird in real life.

Crows and ravens are normally associated with misfortune and darkness, even though are one of the most intelligent and playful birds. Their dark side has been amplified in movies and web series like Game of Thrones. I feel the majestic bird species, at last, deserves its share of kindness from all of us. With the likes of Boston Dynamics already showing us the pinnacle of robotic animals like Spot the dog robot, possibilities for an intelligent robotic crow are looking good.

Designer: Amin Akhshi

Concept designer Amin Akhshi aims to design a series of bionic birds, and the Hooded Crow is the first one he’s created in the collection. The robotic bird has peculiar awe to it, and in a way does away with the fear element we normally associate with the crows. The aim of this flying machine has something to do with the reconnaissance and rescue missions (in my purview) as it is loaded with cameras and sensors. One can say it is an advanced drone but more captivating to look at.

To give the bird a more friendly and striking appearance, Amin blends it in a contrasting black and light grey form. For more flexibility in moving the neck for pointing the camera at things while flying, a fabric material is used. The wings also get the fabric insert with soft cushioning material inside which helps in maintaining the aerodynamic stability. The solid frame tail section acts as the rudder to maneuverer sharply in the air. Those claws look so life-like and it’ll be interesting to see how this robotic crow lands on an uneven surface with equal dexterity.