This bare-backed McLaren 570s looks even more brutishly beautiful than the original

Looking quite like the Terminator with parts of his skin pulled off, Khyzyl Saleem’s McLaren 570s begs to ask the question – how essential is bodywork on an automobile? Saleem’s 570s concept sports a semi-bare design with parts of the bodywork removed for more rugged emphasis. To be honest, while the idea of removing a car’s bodywork does feel like desecrating its design, there’s also a case to be made that a car’s underlying chassis can sometimes be just as beautiful as its body panels. Just take a look at this wild stripped-apart Lamborghini Huracan from last year.

The McLaren’s design comes from the mind of Khyzyl Saleem, a Surrey-based self-taught concept artist and car-design-virtuoso. Saleem’s works tread the fine line between being absolute fantasies and rooted in some semblance of reality. Saleem isn’t scared of tapping into his wild side, and that’s a characteristic that shows in his cars too. The 570s seems like a hobby project for now, although I’d pay top dollar to see someone actually custom-build one. Saleem’s design, aptly named the 570s Unhinged, sports a few significant modifications. The front and rear look nothing like the original, with an exposed, modified chassis (with a few reinforcements) that allows for monstrously wide wheels, redesigned headlights + taillights (I really like Saleem’s continuous taillight detail), and even a modded exhaust system. If a regular 570s is Bucky Barnes, the Unhinged concept feels like the Winter Soldier in a blind fit of sheer unbridled fury. The fact that the car isn’t shy to showcase its chrome details (those rims look absolutely bonkers), much like Winter Soldier’s shiny vibranium arm.

Designer: Khyzyl Saleem