Award-winning minimal weighing scale folds down to a fraction of its original size

A Gold Winner in the Professional Cooking Category at the Parmigiano Reggiano Design Challenge 2021, Bifur is a nifty little compact scale that comes in the shape of a foldable trivet-style structure and also packs a kitchen timer in it. Designed to be small yet effective, and the kind of tool that becomes indispensable around the kitchen, the Bifur lets you measure the weight of ingredients during food prep, and time your cook too, once it begins cooking. When all’s said and done, the device folds down like a tripod into a tiny baton that you can easily stash in one of your kitchen drawers!

Designer: Kebei Li

Bifur’s clever form factor gives it stability while still letting it remain compact while not in use. Its three-point design lets you easily weigh objects on it by placing them on top the way you would with a trivet… while a backlit LCD screen on the side of the longer leg tells you the weight of the item. The ridge above the screen houses buttons that let you toggle the Bifur on or off, tare (or reset), change the measuring units, and even access a timer that can be pretty handy while brewing coffee, letting you weigh out the ingredients, and then time your brew!

Bifur’s design relies on a tough yet lightweight polycarbonate housing with die-casted zinc alloy joints. The internals consists of a lithium-ion battery with capacitive touch controls on the top and a shine-through LED matrix display on the front.