Sealand’s Bags are Made from Earth-saving ‘Recover’ Fabric

We’ve covered so many backpacks and bags in the past. Some innovative, some incredibly functional, some multi-functional, durable, modular, etc. It’s a long list. It’s been a while since we’ve come across a bag that serves the environment and the end-user alike. Sealand’s bags come made from Recover®, an upcycled textile that reuses cotton fabric and waste plastic to produce a yarn that’s high in quality, and low in carbon footprint. Recover fabric uses virtually no water or chemical dyes. Its production relies primarily on solar power, drastically cutting down on the emission of greenhouse gases.

Designed by a group of passionate beach-goers and surfers who felt the need to own quality gear to carry their equipment, while at the same time noticed how the human’s manufacturing and consumption cycle was impacting our environment, the founders of Sealand decided to club the two together, creating a fashion business that aimed at being sustainable. The Eco Bag collection is a reinterpretation of their existing catalog that makes use of the Recover fabric as opposed to other traditional textiles. A new member of the Eco range is the Hero Bag, shown below, a backpack that transforms from a humble sidestrap duffle, to a shoulder-strap bag, to even a sling, allowing you to carry gear of different weights comfortably. Built with the upcycled fabric outer body, a padded laptop pouch, an easy-access front pocket, a shoe and laundry compartment (with a secret stash pocket too), and an overall capacity of 51 liters, the Hero is high on fashion and function, but low on footprint… just like the rest of Sealand’s Eco Bags range that comprises everything from a pouch to a toiletries bag, a duffle, and a backpack, all of which make a commitment to serve two masters. The end user, and the environment.

Designer: Jasper Eales of Sealand Gear

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Sealand Eco introduces the new duffle/backpack combination. The Hero travel bag allows dual use as either a backpack, or simply store your straps away, and use it as a straightforward duffle bag. Storage space for shoes or dirty laundry. Side pouch for valuables. Outside sleeve for Laptops.


Stashable carry straps to convert the HERO into a duffle-styled carry bag.


Stashable carry straps to convert the HERO into a backpack.



Have something valuable you want to keep extra safe and hidden? No worries… we got you covered! There’s a hidden zip pocket inside the shoe pouch.

Easy access, padded laptop sleeve

Dual zip passport pouch for all you on-the-go travellers out there



Sealand Eco Collection

The full range consists of a backpack, tote bag, weekend duffle bag, toiletry/accessory bag and flat zip pouch. The entire collection is produced from Recover ®, an environmentally responsible fabric, made from a high quality blend of upcycled Cotton and post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Made by us, Sealand Gear, in Cape Town South Africa.

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A unique collection, made from 100% recycled and upcycled material

The upcycled cotton used for our Eco Collection is created from textile waste that is cut into smaller pieces and gently opened back into fibres to prevent damaging the fibres length. This cotton fibre is then combined with carrier fibres such as Recycled PET (which is what plastic bottles are made from) to help strengthen yarns and create accurate and unique colours.


The colour blend process allows consistent colour matching without the use of liquid dye needing to be applied to the upcycled cotton fibres. This process is also pesticide and fertiliser free. Almost zero water is utilised in the upcycled cotton fibre process, virtually no greenhouse gases are generated, and over 50% of the production of this fabric is produced on solar power.


  • Upcycled cotton and recycled PET
  • Liquid dye and chemical free
  • Pesticide and fertiliser free
  • Almost 0 water utilised.
  • Virtually no greenhouse gases generated.
  • Over 50% of it is produced on solar power energy.

Hand-made in Cape Town, Soth Africa


Each bag is manufactured by hand in our factory in Cape Town, South Africa, by a member of the team. Each bag is proudly stamped by the sewer who made your bag.


Who is behind Sealand Gear?


Rooted in Cape Town’s southern peninsula where mountains and ocean so vividly connect, Sealand was born in 2015 with a conviction of keeping the environment front and centre alongside inspired functional designs and longevity. Our team is made up of Jasper Eales, Mike Schlebach and Meagan Webb along with our invaluable family of staff who, with pride, hand sew our bags.