This collection of biodegradable Christmas decor was designed to combat the waste produced during the holidays!

Winter With is a Christmas-themed collection of biodegradable home decor and accessories such as candles, side tables, and mugs.

While is Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays celebrated across the globe, it also creates a whole ton of waste. Whether it’s from indoor decorations, gift wrap, or tree ornaments, we collect a good amount of trash during the holiday season that only ends up in the landfill come the new year.

Designer: Jinwook Lee

While too much waste is never a good thing, no one wants to skimp out on the joy that comes with decorating the house with festive decorations for Christmas. Designer Jinwook Lee conceptualized a collection of biodegradable Christmas decorations and accessories called Winter With to scratch our holiday itch without hurting the environment.

Describing the collection’s origins, Jinwook explains, “There have been numerous incidents in 2021, but I think one of the most serious problems is the environmental problem…the plastic, which is thrown away too easily compared to huge plastic consumption, is causing animals to suffer and the environment to be destroyed at a faster rate than ever.”

In response, Jinwook designed Winter With, a Christmas-themed collection stocked with decor and accessories, from candle holders to side tables.

Inspired by the sight of falling snow, Jinwook’s Christmas-theme home collection is made entirely from recyclable and biodegradable plastics. Since most holiday items are used only for a short period of time before being discarded, Jinwook aimed to solve the issue of hard plastics ending up in landfills by the end of the year. Comprised of six different items, Jinwook’s Winter With collection will bring the holiday spirit to every home.

Santa is a match holder made from biodegradable plastic that appears as a micro-sized Santa hat with a Russian doll-inspired build. Initially appearing like a cute Christmas decoration, when users lift the hat of Santa, a pool of matches and striking surface is revealed. Winter With also features three different types of candles: Candle Ball, Leaf & Fruit, Red Shoe, and Woodbark.

Whereas the Candle Ball is a candle disguised as an ornament, Leaf & Fruit, Red Shoe, and Woodbark come with candle holders inspired by different winter scenes. Snowball is a trio of Christmas mugs that appear like stacked snowballs and Slope is a biodegradable plastic table built in the image of snow-covered slopes.

The Candle Ball appears like a traditional ornament but features a wick for candle lighting. 

Winter With features an array of different candles inspired by holidays scenes. 

The Tree accessory is a trio of Christmas mugs that stack together like snowballs.

Woodbark is made from copper, a type of metal that’s partly made up of recycled material.