Sleek USB Hub + Hard Drive hybrid gadget means less baggage with double the utility!

How often do you find yourself carrying around an external HHD and USB Hub to never be short of storage space or modern-day ports? If that’s the case, the hard drive plus USB Hub combo in one is the ideal accessory to own!

Designers and creative professionals in all fields have external hard drives or USB drives handy in their arsenal. Normally, external hard disks are intended for one purpose only – to transfer and retrieve important data. On the other end of the spectrum, USB hubs are also an important accessory that professionals and digital artists always keep in their package. More so in an age where slim laptops are being preferred for their portability and compactness, but have a stark disadvantage. They have fewer USB ports (in most cases only two), so connecting a hard drive, leaves just one USB drive for use – that’s if you’ve not connected a dongle for wireless mouse and/or keyboard combo!

This is one thing that most of us would like to be taken care of, but how? In the form of a hard drive and USB hub combo which means you have one less gadget to carry while sufficing the utility of two. Industrial designer Cheon Ryong Choi has the simplest and smart solution to this in the form of the Save USB SSD Hub. The hybrid accessory slots in most M.2 SSD in the given slot while leaving enough room for a USB hub with USB-C-type, MagSafe connecter and two USB ports. That’s enough meat to satiate geeky users’ requirements for a port-starved laptop.

Drawing inspiration presumably from the design philosophy of Nothing, the hybrid hard drive gets a transparent back panel that exposes all the hardware components which personally I find too cool. On the front, there are options to choose from a plethora of upmarket color options including – blue, sea green, beige, black and white. To ensure the M.2 SSD doesn’t heat up with constant usage, the Save USB SSD Hub gets a fan on top of the drive slotting section.

Designer: Cheon Ryong Choi