The Oqular Clip is effectively the tiniest, slimmest spectacle case ever made

In a world with people using large, bulky spectacle cases, the Oqular Clip is so simple, even Khaby Lame would approve.

The premise behind the design of the Oqular Clip is simple… If you’re protecting the lens from breakage and scratches, why do you need a stationery-box-shaped case to keep your entire spectacles in? The Oqular Clips, simply put, are a set of magnetic covers that sit over the lenses of your spectacles. Designed to cover and protect the most vulnerable part of your glasses (the ACTUAL glasses themselves), the Oqular Clips are sleek and elegant enough that you can carry them in your pocket with you. With magnetic closures and soft suede-lined inners, the Oqular Clips satisfyingly click shut around your lenses, sandwiching them from both sides, and preventing them from external damage.

Designer: Adam Webb

Click Here to Buy Now: $27 (Buy one, get one free, and free shipping with coupon code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, sale ends December 25th.

1mm magnets on each side of the clip keep them lightly gripped to your glasses.

The idea behind the Oqular Clips is that while spectacle cases are great the way they are, they’re sort of overkill. Nobody ends up routinely sitting or stamping on their spectacles everyday, so the idea of needing to protect the entire wearable all the time is much. Plus, carrying cases is an absolute headache and most pockets aren’t big enough for them.

Instead, the two AirTag-sized Clips are easy to carry around, and snap shut around your left and right spectacle lenses, allowing you to slide them into your pocket without worrying about the lenses getting scratched… effectively solving a problem that’s much more frequent than actual spectacle breakage.

Roughly 20x tinier than your average spectacle case, the Oqular Clips have a one-size-fits-all universal design, and are crafted from vegan leather that gives the Clips their premium touch. Soft magnets allow the Oqular Clips to close around your lenses, providing physical protection from the front and the back, and an inner vegan suede layer prevents the lenses or their coatings from getting scratched.

Moreover, when you actually want to wear your glasses, the Oqular Clips open out and fasten around your keychain or even against your pocket, giving you a convenient way to store/carry them with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to carry a bag with your spectacle cases… or have an awkward bulge in your pants because you’ve got a case in your pocket!

The Oqular Clips come in 6 different colors, and cost 250 Swedish Krona (27.7 USD) for a set/pair of them (one for each lens). Readers of Yanko Design can additionally use the code “YANKODESIGN” to get a 1+1 deal on the Oqular Clips with free international shipping, so you can gift one to a friend, partner, or relative and say “Eye Love You”! (We don’t take responsibility for that joke…)

Click Here to Buy Now: $27 (Buy one, get one free, and free shipping with coupon code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, sale ends December 25th.