This smart eco-friendly shower uses a pressure-sensitive floor panel to turn off the water once you’re done!

Did you know that around 2.5 gallons of water are wasted at home while taking a shower? Imagine the amount of water wasted after an entire month or year of showering. Tremendous, and quite alarming! Now, showering isn’t something we can particularly avoid, so designer Natasha Jadhav decided to create a ‘Smart Shower’. This shower is truly smart, interactive, and not to mention aesthetically pleasing too! Jadhav struck the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality with this design. Jadhav’s smart shower consists of the actual shower on the ceiling of the bathroom, a sleek white console that holds panels, and a hand shower, as well as a pressure-sensitive panel on the floor.

To start the shower, you need to simply rotate the intuitive center panel of the console. You can rotate it on either side to tactfully control the volume of the water.

The center panel is surrounded by a colored panel! This one can be used to control the temperature of the water. When the panel is rotated to the left, the console turns red (it’s been outlined with LED lights), indicating that the water is now hot.

When rotated to the right, the console turns blue and indicates the intensity of the cold water.

Now for the most interesting feature of this smart shower! The floor has been equipped with a pressure-sensitive panel. Once you step onto this panel, the console on the wall instantly recognizes you, and lights up to welcome you! Once you step off the pressure-sensitive panel to grab some soap or shampoo, or to carry out other activities, the water flow is immediately cut off, preventing any excess wastage of water. Once you step onto the panel again, the smart shower senses your weight and starts up the flow of water again! The shower automatically switches off after five minutes of zero activity!

This smart shower is an intuitive and innovative means of ensuring a comfortable shower experience, while also conserving water! It’s an eco-friendly, creative, and sleek product design that is the perfect integration of aesthetics and utility.

Designer: Natasha Jadhav