Alas, An Ergonomic Shovel

While working in his parents backyard, Bosse Tools founder Stephen Walden labored through hours of back & arm strain & thought there had to be a better way! He decided to combine the traditional shovel with the ease of use found in a hedge trimmer. The result is a tool that improves posture, reduces back strain, relieves wrist pain, & minimizes shoulder injury. All thanks to the addition of a revolutionary rotating center handle. Check it out & pre-order your’s here because this concept is soon to be a reality!

Designer: Bosse Tools


  • Jonathan says:

    Watching the first video, the user clearly grabs the handle of the shovel near the blade in a very traditional method. This clearly shows that the function of the swivel handle is designed without taking into account how the shovel is used in real life.

  • Might consider spending some more time in r&d, get some prototypes out to folks in the field, maybe some design iterations.

    When using a spade shovel in “real” dirt, what’s the first thing you do?? Select placement point of the shovel and jump on the top side of the spade in order to deeply bury the tip and capture a load as great as the size of the spade will allow. This design provisions slightly for pressure placement at this point, however, it appears to limit significant impact. I would also consider the size of your intended user’s boots. Perhaps our Michigan dirt is different.

    Also, as Jonathan above states, the leverage point changes during typical shoveling. Have you considered a swivel handle that slides the length of the shaft?

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