This Smart Bath Towel is designed to soak water as a super sponge waffle. Here’s why it’s a shower game changer.

Most of the time when we are ready to shower, our towel isn’t.

All it has to do is absorb excess water quickly, dry-out between uses, be durable and soft at the same time. Do we expect too much? The team behind K-25 Smart Bath towels spent years in research and development to finally create one: a giant waffle weave towel that soaks water as a super-sponge. They have a big community of cult-like following around the world, for a reason.

Design similar to our breakfast favorite waffle comes with a load of benefits. The waffle texture gently exfoliates your skin, while the waffle honeycombs help the towel easily absorb all the water in one quick pass. It also dries itself twice faster, thanks to an airy weave and breathability. Being surprisingly lightweight, but feels thick, fluffy and soft to the skin. Great for the hair too, as it soaks all the moisture quickly eliminating the frizz. The towels are generously sized, so you can easily wipe your entire body with it, and comfortably wrap it around your waist when you’re done.

Designer: K-25 Design Team

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Designed as the ultimate upgrade to your regular ‘fuzzy’ towel (which becomes a cesspool for molds and bacteria over time), the K-25 Smart towel is created to be naturally antibacterial, and thanks to its waffle texture, is quick-drying too, so you’re never faced with a damp towel because it didn’t sufficiently dry off. Using these towels is like you have a spa experience at home. You can also use it at the gym, by the pool, travel or even as a kitchen towel.

The K-25 towels are made from GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified 100% organic and ethically grown cotton that’s both soft and incredibly absorbent. The cotton fibers are grown, harvested and processed without the use of any harmful chemicals making them hypoallergenic, and are combed before being ring-spun into yarn, preventing it from beading or fraying with daily use.

The K-25 team experimented with various waffle sizes, fabric weight and weave style to create a towel that had just the right weight and functionality. They are made in four XL sizes: a face towel, a hand towel, a bath towel and even a larger bath sheet. You may buy towels individually, as a set of three or four, or even create your custom sets from the add-on menu. The towels come in 3 colors: Vanilla, Galaxy Blue, or Frost Gray, and they have wide borders for a sophisticated look and extra durability. They even feature a hang-tag so you can hang them on hooks/faucets keeping them off the bathroom floor.

And we are on the hook to get some K-25 bath towels for our own bathrooms and feel the oh-so-needed spa relaxation at home.

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