This union of iPhone 13 Pro on the outside doubles as your AirPods case is best interpretation of a flip iPhone!

Will Apple ever take a leaf from Samsung’s book? Well, that’s a story for another day. Today, at hand is an inspiring concept of a flip iPhone that doubles as a case for a reimagined pair of AirPods. The entire layout of this miraculous gadget has a story to it that one can interpret in his own lure for Apple’s orgasmic design fascination that drools through each of its products.

The Cupertino giant has never steered from the pinnacle of innovation and its unrelenting fetish for aesthetically pleasing form factors. Not just does the tech giant mesmerize fanboys with its products following a design language par excellence; but also surprises with the hardware and software integration to make its gadgets irresistible. In spite of the overzealous focus on design, Apple stays closer to the basics, even when the world of consumer electronics around it is flipping, folding, rolling and doing all possible antics man has explored.

This curious approach does dwindle the mind for a split; leaving fans like us wondering why Apple is still shy of a smartphone form factor that does some fold or flip for our liking. When the thought is just maturing, you hit upon something like the iPro conceived by eminent visualizer and designer Zarruk Taiseer. While it’s a dream too far-fetched for commercialization – considering the know-how, investment and research that would go into realizing it – but for us fans, it’s still an overwhelming interpretation of thought we have some time or the other conjured up over a drink or two.

Considering Zarruk’s notion has some basis for an Apple product of the future with little impressions of a Samsung handset of today, we are left to discuss it to the detail as seen in images. The idea presents a flip iPhone with iPhone 13 Pro-esque triple camera module comprising an 8K capable pro-action camera. The flipping device has a curved touchscreen Retina display and the discussed camera module on the outside – split over the two halves separated by a durable hinge. The cute box-like design – when it’s folded – actually hides a pair of newly designed AirPods Pro mini in a cozy housing for each earbud.

Zarruk visions this amalgamation of iPhone 13 Pro on the outside and an AirPod case on the inside as the “most professional and versatile portable device,” but doesn’t divulge much about the innards of the device for us to vouch in his favor. But that’s not the real case unless Tim Cook has thought about it. Until we await a word – hmm okay got that – we’ll sit back and appreciate the fanatic’s ingeniousness and discuss how the design can double as the wireless charger for the housed AirPods Pro mini and what version of the A-series chipset will power this scheme!

Designer: Zarruk Taiseer