This foldable wheelchair has a concealed seat to help the wheelchair pusher rest

A mindfully designed wheelchair that focuses on the wheelchair pusher’s comfort and makes for modular seating in the design itself is ideal for constricted spaces.

Wheelchair designs have gone through various forms in the past, helping the differently-abled to maneuver with a sense of ease and slight independence. While some designs have been outrightly great, others are there just for the face value. The ACCOMPANYING Wheelchair is from the former category as it does away with certain concerns other wheelchairs present. While the space-saving design is quite simple, the wheelchair addresses a very basic problem others have seemed to miss.

The wheelchair is designed with two people in mind: the wheelchair-bound and the pusher, who has to ferry the patient around all day long and in the process can get tired to bits. The idea is to have sitting space for the wheelchair pusher – when and wherever he/she desires. Moreover, the wheelchair-bound can get a comforting companion right by their side. So, where does the sitting space come about? It’s fitted right inside the wheelchair, under the seating area. That’s ingenious, isn’t it? The idea is still in the concept stage and is ideated by C60Design in partnership with Shenzhen OM Design. The creation’s principal idea is taken forward by Chu Wenbao, the lead designer at the China-based company.

This cushioned platform is pulled out from the side and rests on robust metal support which provides much-needed rest for the companion. Especially useful in hospitals or other spaces where seating space is not always a luxury. What’s more, the backrest folds when not in use, for easy storage and maneuverability!

Designer: C60Design