This Microlino off-roading vehicle is for adventure seekers who enjoy travelling with a tiny footprint!

Compact Microlino EV gets the off-roading capable treatment courtesy of this concept which is tailored for adventurers who need a compact car for their camping to the trails.

A few months back we saw the cool Microlino Camper that’s one of the most compact and lightweight campers one can think of. Unlike other conventional campers or trailers, the Microlino is unique in its own rights with a small footprint and the capability to provide cozy shelter for two people to sleep on their short adventure trip. Now designers Dejan Hristov and Vladimir Matijasevic have envisioned another avatar for the all-electric Microlino originally created by Micro Mobility Systems.

Meet this robust version of the compact electric vehicle, ready to take on the treacherous trails for boundless adventure. The Microlino off-road modification brings with it the assurance of a robust chassis and reinforced exterior body frame to take on the harsh road conditions, as well as inclement weather. The solid metal framing on all sides provides protection from accidental bumps into rocks or trees, and also doubles as a platform for keeping essential tools or accessories. This brings freedom to pack in more stuff for the journey. Secondly, there is a rack on top to keep things like surfboards or extra luggage.

Tires, suspension, and underbody also get the off-roading capable treatment as the ride height understandably gets a boost. Since the vehicle is meant for dusty roads and difficult road conditions, there are extra fog lamps on the reinforced metal protection. The rear section can be either used to carry a couple of bicycles or an extra set of tires. The size of this modified Microlino off-roading vehicle is the core advantage here, and ideal for ones who always wanted a small hatchback to suffice their needs for adventure trips.

Designer: Dejan Hristov and Vladimir Matijasevic