As Silicon Valley continues to design addictive tech, Mudita’s home products focus on wellness…

The name Mudita originates from the Sanskrit word which means ‘vicarious joy’ or the joy one gets from seeing others happy. Just like that, the company tells us everything we need to know about it – that their passion lies in giving their users joy, happiness, and contentment. Mudita’s journey to redefine modern tech started with the Mudita Pure, a phone designed around the aspects of functional purity, rather than hyperconnectivity and addictive UI patterns. This ethos has become a common strain for all of Mudita’s products, including its watch, the Mudita Moment, its minimalist smartphone apps Launcher and Space, and its two clocks, the Mudita Harmony, and the Mudita Bell.

Designer: Mudita Industrial Design Team

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On the left Mudita Harmony and on the right Mudita Bell.

Now it might seem unnatural for a tech company to make clocks, given that your smartphone essentially has one… but Mudita’s journey with the Harmony and Bell came from trying to break your connection/addiction to your smartphone while you’re getting into and out of bed. The two clocks, one digital and one analog, sport a pure (expect to hear that word often) experience centered around cultivating healthy patterns around sleep and wakefulness, and making sure that your day doesn’t start with a phone buzzing beside you. The clocks and their simplistic design help center you, and keep you from being over-reliant on technology that’s designed to addict.

Mudita Harmony

The Mudita Harmony is a purpose-built clock designed to help you establish healthy bedtime habits, improve the quality of your sleep, as well as bring you a sense of calm. The clock sports a compact, circular, pebble gray design inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism, with an E Ink display on the front, and a simple knob and button interface on the top. Aside from being just a clock that also has an integrated alarm, the Harmony lets you take power naps, helps you meditate, provides ambient background sounds to calm you or help you sleep, and even has a thermometer that lets you measure the temperature of the room and adjust it accordingly to help you sleep more peacefully… and as for the alarm itself, the Harmony comes with a sound-bank of relaxing tones that gently coax you into wakefulness, played through the high-fidelity Harman speakers built into the back of the clock. The Harmony takes on a much more holistic approach than any regular clock (or even the clock app on your phone) does. The E Ink display melds beautifully into the clock’s calming, non-intrusive design, with high-contrast visibility that’s easy to read in the day, and a soothing frontight that makes the clock visible at night too, without the screen being too bright. The clock allows you to activate and deactivate alarms while also providing an additional snooze feature: a snooze chime that prevents you from going back to sleep, and is perhaps one of the only clocks to even have a dedicated power nap setting. Studies by NASA in 1995 found that a 26-minute power nap boosted performance by 34% and alertness by 54% – metrics that Mudita used to design the Harmony’s power nap feature. The setting lets you take a nap between 10 to 20 minutes, but ideally not longer than 30 minutes (to prevent drowsiness).

Additionally, the Harmony even helps you prepare for bedtime, giving you a reminder based on your waking alarm, so you get the right amount of hours of sleep, while also ensuring you maintain healthy sleeping timings/patterns. There’s a timer for meditation too, allowing you to time your mindfulness sessions and giving you the ability to disconnect from the world and center yourself. The timers feature a gong at the end that let you know when the session ends.

Mudita Bell

While Mudita Harmony is designed with features to help maintain healthy sleeping habits from the moment we wake up till we fall asleep, the Mudita Bell is a much more traditional bedside clock that takes the alarm clock’s most primal function and does it right. It echoes the same pure Japandi (Japanese + Scandinavian) style of design, this time with an analog clock face, and 10 soothing melodies designed to wake you up in a gradual manner that lets you feel well-rested. The Bell, just like the Harmony, comes with a Harman speaker on its back too.

Both the Harmony and the Bell focus on ensuring you sleep and wake up in the healthiest way possible, and eliminate the need to set alarms on your phone, or even have your phone around you. The compact clocks sit well on any bedside table, and are rechargeable via USB-C, allowing you to use your bedside charger to replenish your clock’s battery every couple of months. Moreover, while the Bell uses an analog mechanism, the Harmony runs on the MuditaOS, their open-source operating system that receives periodic updates to ensure you get the best out of your Mudita device and ultimately, out of life itself.

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