The Watch that Ruled Kickstarter

What can you really say about a watch that has gained so much popularity in the past few weeks that it managed to raise over €3,000,000 on the crowdfunding website, promptly marching past its modest goal and crossing it by 12 thousand percent!

All I can say is that the Filippo Loreti watch may just provide a very clear window into what the consumers demand from their wrist-worn timepieces, and that the Filippo Loreti watch may just be a very clear indication of where the smartwatch industry is moving.

Filippo Loreti combines two greatest houses of design in Europe. It takes Swiss craftsmanship, known for their decades if not centuries in building the finest watches we wear today, and combines it with Italian design and innovation, something we’ve seen since the Renaissance movement. The result, three immaculate watches inspired by Rome, Venice, and the Renaissance, available in mesmeric colors and finishes, with the finest Italian leather straps, supported by Swiss movements and a powerful technical and technological backing that allows each smartwatch to run for over a year on a full charge, and come with an unbelievable 10 year warranty.

The three watches (Rome, Venice, and Renaissance) come with distinct styles that show off Italy’s marvelous art and architectural heritage. The Venice pays tribute to the St. Mark’s Basilica, with its moon-phase watch, and an embossed portrait of the basilica on the back. Rome comes with a bold design on the front and back, both saluting the work and the talent of the one and only Michelangelo. The back of the Rome watch has an embossed view of Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio. The third in the series shines forth as the watch to beat all watches. Combining classic styles with new technology, the Renaissance watch is a literal awakening for the watch industry. The only smartwatch in the series, the Renaissance truly looks like a stellar luxury watch but hides under it every feature making it worthy of being an absolutely desirable hybrid smartwatch. Armed with a hybrid movement from Soprod, Switzerland’s leading smart module producer, the Renaissance can monitor your activities, fitness, and sleep. It also can deliver notifications via your smartphone, and even control your smartphone’s apps by offering music playback controls and camera trigger controls. The smartwatch is also poised to change how you interact with your smart-home by allowing you to control IoT devices around your home. What’s more, the watch positions itself as a true combination of the best of analog and smart timepieces with its 1 year battery life, allowing the Renaissance to look and last as long as a classic analog watch while behaving like a hybrid smartwatch. Filippo Loreti’s watches also come with an unprecedented 10 year warranty, something never seen being done by smartwatches.

With its kind of demand, the Filippo Loreti watch is easily the last nail in the coffin for mass-market legacy watch brands. Championing the designer to customer market, and foregoing all brand and logistical markups, the Filippo Loreti makes the promise of quality, style, and reliability delivered at a very compelling price!

Designers: Danielius & Matas Jakutis

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Rome Series inspired by Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio




VENICE Series inspired by Basilica Di San Marco





Renaissance Smartwatch



Click here to Buy Now: $175.00 $275.00