Back at the office with noisy coworkers? This privacy hood keeps sounds and nosy people away

You may attract a few awkward stares and curious questions, but all in all, the IGLOO gives you just what you need in a bustling workspace… a quiet space to focus while you work.

The IGLOO models itself on its namesake, the dome-shaped ice structure used by Inuits as shelter. Designed to mount onto practically any office chair (or even a regular or lounge chair), the IGLOO is a stroller-inspired hood that you can open or close as much as you want, depending on how public or private you want your workspace. The adjustable hood gives you a cocoon of sorts, letting you work privately, have video calls in a white bubble (instead of worrying about your background), or even take a nap in your own safe space.

Designers: Yamaha Tsung & Dodge Ho

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 ($100 off). Hurry, only 17/20 left!

While it may look odd at the first glance (you’re definitely going to get a few initial stares from co-workers and people around you), the folks at Sanoearth designed the IGLOO keeping the concept of Proxemics (interpersonal distance) in mind. Coined by the American anthropologist Edward Twitchell Hall, Proxemics refers to the need to have a ‘personal space’ in public, that people shouldn’t invade or intrude on. While that essentially goes against the very traits of ‘socializing’, the IGLOO is perfect for people who get easily distracted, or introverts who just want to have people around, but not in their face (interestingly enough, it’s worth noting that a lot of office-going women have shown interest in the IGLOO). It’s the equivalent of wearing earphones so other people know not to disturb you…

The IGLOO comes with a universally retrofitting design that attaches onto virtually any chair, from your office’s ergonomic chairs to the regular chairs at the library, and from the armchair at home to the lounge chair on the beach or poolside. Its robust Polypropylene frame can take constant opening and closing (Polypropylene can flex/bend without losing its shape or breaking), and the fabric on top is made from Polyester supported with steel wires, like in most umbrellas.

The fabric won’t really cut sound out, but it’s enough to dampen the murmur of people around you, and even to allow you to have semi-private conversations. The fabric works wonderfully in the sun too, blocking out the direct rays to give you a diffused lighting that’s easy on the eyes.

The IGLOO ships in one single size and takes all of 3 minutes to set up. The fold-out hood can be adjusted at any angle, giving you an open, semi-enclosed, or fully enclosed space. It’s an oddly ideal way to tell people to socially distance from you, giving you your own safe zone to work or relax in… or even for eating food that you don’t want to share with other people!

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 ($100 off). Hurry, only 17/20 left!