The outrageous Lamborghini Xeno concept looks like it would make regular hypercars run back to their mommies

Designed to look like a Terzo Millennio mated with a Cybertruck, the Lamborghini Xeno doesn’t feel like a fun car for fun-loving people. It’s built to show off, to dominate, and to put fear into the hearts of other drivers. The Xeno’s design comes from concept artist Aven Shi, who put together the video above. Go ahead and hit the power button to feel the adrenaline through your screen. If nothing, just the sound of the electric drivetrain should absolutely drive you wild.

Designed to be a rare type of Lamborghini, Aven Shi envisioned the Xeno as an electric hypercar that’s also meant to go off roads if necessary. Its ground clearance is marginally higher, given this ability, and when compared to the Huracan (at the end of the piece), the Xeno has a shorter nose and a longer rear. Unlike the Huracan, the Xeno has scissor doors that open to reveal the car’s two-person cockpit inside. The car comes with what looks like a two-part battery that sits right under the driver, and a four-wheel drive, giving you ample storage in the front as well as the back.

The Xeno concept sports an incredibly chiseled body, with angular surfacing that feels a lot like the Sián on steroids. Its low-poly design definitely echoes a bit of Cybertruck inspiration, and the car’s abundance of air-intakes, its forward stance, and the integrated spoiler that pops off the rear makes the Xeno look every bit the asphalt demon. In true Lambo fashion though, the Xeno doesn’t come with a rear windshield, and sports those inverted Y headlights and taillights that car enthusiasts (and even regular people) have come to love about and instantly associate with the raging bull brand. It’s a shame the Xeno is just a fan-made concept… because there isn’t much I wouldn’t give to see an off-road hypercar with the terrifying roar of an electric Lamborghini!

Designer: Aven Shi