Renault Baby Boom

The Renault Circular Economy – 4L Concept is a new age green car with some pretty neat features. It sports an energy interface dashboard that helps distributing and sharing the solar energy that it harnesses. At work you can hook up the car to an energy station while at home it juices up via the solar installation on the car. Superb!

Designer: Charlie Nghiem


  • Quintin says:

    Unfortunately, this is not going to work.

    Do the math, how much power does that amount of surface covered with pv cells give you and how much power does moving a car require?

    I’ve been thinking the same, only simpler: convert an older (boxy, more ‘flat’ surface area) car to electric and cover the roof and hood with pv cells. At peak efficiency (which you won’t get in a car, you won’t get ideal conditions) you’ll be able to get enough charge for a few miles of range in an 8 hour workday, a little more if you park it on the equator.

    Using it to power your house is really unrealistic (unless you’re retired and only drive the car once or twice a week).

    Sure, this smaller, lighter car will require less energy to drive, but the smaller surface area will also mean you won’t be able to put as many pv cells on it…

  • MDesigns says:

    Love the sketch work. Do learn from the feedback by Quentin.

  • Dutch says:

    The design looks like the 1950’s DKW Schnellaster.

  • szilveszter says:

    A little but said, and I dont feel the Unit in it.
    however a nice work out.

  • houcem says:

    Renault do have such a crude material (4L) which they can base a new challenging model instead of jerking around. side view show a disfigured design and unbalanced space distribution, it`s like a small headed man with an extremely ugly big nose. And instead of trying to improve the product lines and try to find the former place in the markets the French people are just artists of time and money waste, well i said all that impartially and because i loved and knew what was the 4L. Come man please Renault stop fiddling around with your product line and be like Germans if you want a series car you better be serious.

  • houcem says:

    And the worst of all is the useless pointless ugly immature designed face… can`t help it think that Renault is breathing its last airs

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