This towable XL camper comes with roomy and bright interiors to give you a comfortable outdoor experience!

Lightweight, modern teardrop trailers hit the market very frequently these days. Despite that, there is always scope for something like the Droplet XL, an insulated, spacious and naturally well-lit camper for weekend RVers, urban dwellers, and pro campers alike.

After entering the market with Droplet 58, a small trailer with a big impact, the trailer manufacturer is back with the next version called the Droplet XL. This is a bright and modern insulated trailer with a queen-size bed and a fully equipped kitchen. Based on a powder-coated steel chassis, the trailer is made from a wood-fiber frame overlaid by aluminum composite skin and in between the two layers is the closed-cell foam for insulation.

Droplet campers are ergonomic and reliable. The Droplet XL also thrives on this image in a lightweight form factor, which can be towed by any RV. This cool feature means people who do not have a larger truck or towing vehicles – such as the city dwellers – can also haul this teardrop trailer behind their cars for a weekend off-site or a slightly longer adventure trip. What sets the new model apart from the premier iteration is its high focus space, larger panoramic windows and skylights, and extensive storage to keep all the camping gear out of sight and completely safe.

For those keeping a record; the Droplet XL weighs just over 1,000 pounds and measures 9.5 feet in length. The longer flatbed means there is more storage capacity between the kitchen and the sleeping area. The latter houses a queen-size mattress and is spacious enough to sleep a couple. With the generous use of panoramic windows and skylights, the roomy bedding seems even more spacious. The trailer has a fully functioning kitchen with a shelf for cooking and a large fridge to keep your beer chill and packaged food from rotting.

In spite of its name, Droplet XL is pretty tiny. Owning to its compactness, one can count it off for being any good on roads less traveled. Surprisingly, with its 13-inch wheels, the trailer is pretty stable for off-road rides into the wilderness. Ideal for all types of small distance, long trip and family adventurers, the teardrop trailer features LED lighting and USB charging ports. The Droplet XL retails for $16,950 and can be customized with a battery pack, awning and shower for slightly extra.

Designer: Droplet Trailer