Who knew an aroma-diffusing vortex could be so calming?


Part aroma diffuser, part snow-globe-inspired desktop delight, the Twystr brings a visual element to aromatic diffusion. Rather than just diffusing the mist into the air, it does so by creating a miniature vortex trapped within a glass bell-jar-style lid with an orifice at the top that allows the mist to escape into the air. This visual flair isn’t just an aesthetic feature, it helps the Twystr diffuse aroma efficiently and with speed.

Twystr is a better, better-looking aroma diffuser that allows you to turn your diffused essential oils into a swirling mist that catches the eye. Its design features a 150ml lower-reservoir for water and the essential oil of your choice, a silent fan, and a specially formulated air-vent that creates the vortex within the upper chamber covered by a borosilicate glass cloche. The Twystr even comes with an RGB LED embedded within its lower chamber that helps illuminate the vortex, creating a stunning multisensory experience as the vortex, visible to the eye, glows with colors, while dispersing into the air to fill your room with the fragrance of your choice. The Twystr comes with 12 hours of run-time and works via USB, allowing you to hook it even to a power bank, so you can carry it around into any room you want.

Designer: Twystr Team