Joseph Joseph’s reusable water bottle focuses on making the lid as important as the bottle itself

Loop is a reusable water bottle with an innovative lid design and shapely build, allowing users to slide Loop’s lid over its spout for easy drinking even when your hands are full.

Reusable water bottles have become the modern handbag. Everywhere you go, you’ll find someone clutching one by its lid strap. When a product becomes so popular, innovative design becomes a rarity. Following research periods spent observing the ways people interact with their own reusable and single-use water bottles, London-based design studio Blond Ltd. collaborated with Joseph Joseph to create Loop, a reusable EDC water bottle designed to simplify carrying the lid while taking a drink.

In central London, the designers at Blond Ltd. and Joseph Joseph observed the different ways that people used and handled their water bottles to design an ergonomic and shapely reusable water bottle. When we’re carrying all of our stuff in addition to our water bottle, drinking from it can feel like juggling. Noticing that people have a harder time removing the water bottle’s lid and holding it while they drink, the designers made Loop so that users can slide the lid over the bottle’s neck when taking a drink.

The shape of Loop’s neck was specially designed to double as a storage method for the water bottle’s lid, providing a convenient and sanitary place to carry the cap. Expanding on the design of the Loop, the designers note, “The inside of the loop is gently curved and is an identical match to the bottle’s contours; allowing a tight friction-fit that prevents it from sliding while the user is drinking. Further, the lid doubles up as a convenient carry handle and attachment-point for hanging from bags.”

Double-walled with insulation and made from vacuum-sealed steel, Loop will keep your drinks at your preferred temperature in a durable, long-lasting bottle. An internal screw thread located on Loop’s spout ensures a clean and hygienic drinking surface near the outer face. Additionally, Loop was designed with a wide enough neck to allow room for ice cubes.

Designers: Blond Ltd. x Joseph Joseph

With its loop lid, users can carry Loop with even just one finger. 

Loop’s shapely build is functional and visually appealing. 

The open lid strap allows users to attach it to their backpacks with carabiners. 

Loop can hold up to 500ml of hot or cold liquid.