This brand is making minimalist flat-packed furniture that’s eco-friendly and easier to assemble than IKEA furniture

Although their motto is “No tools, no hassle”, the most defining characteristic of staxxiom’s furniture is that it’s so visually simple, you don’t even need a manual. With laser-cut pieces of wood that simply interlock to create your design, staxxiom is building on IKEA’s DIY culture by making their furniture more efficient, more eco-friendly, and as simplified as possible. That last part works in staxxiom’s favor too, because the simplified design gives their furniture a unified, wonderfully minimal aesthetic, along with the added benefit of being ridiculously easy to build too.

Designers: Richard Langone & Leilei Peng

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Try, for a second, to describe the parts of a table in the simplest way possible. You’ve got 4 legs and a tabletop surface, right? In reality, though, furniture is often much more complex than that. There are many more aspects, like glue, screws, bolts, threaded inserts, rubber feet, etc. that go into making a great table that you often forget to describe. staxxiom’s designs outright do away with these minor complexities by keeping their furniture designs as visually and physically simple as possible.

The table’s design is just a 3-part assembly, featuring two wide interlocking leg panels and a surface on top… along with tiny coupling blocks that plug into the gaps to hold the design together. staxxiom’s shelves and stools work the same way too – with parts that just interlock together, and coupling blocks that fill in the gaps. More often than not, you don’t even NEED a manual because even a child could assemble it, and the assembly process is about as time-consuming as making a paper plane.

This unique approach to designing furniture benefits all the stakeholders in the product’s cycle. For staxxiom, furniture’s extremely easy to produce as pieces of wood just need to be CNC-cut, flat-packed, and shipped. For the user, assembly becomes a breeze, but at the same time, you can disassemble and reassemble your products too if you plan on shifting houses (the press-fit coupling blocks are equally easy to remove, allowing you to pull apart your furniture when you want).

The third (often unnoticed) stakeholder is the environment, which stands to benefit because the furniture has a lower carbon footprint because it flat-packs while shipping, is durable enough to last long, and can easily be pulled apart and recycled when discarded. All of staxxiom’s furniture comes made from HDF or High-Density Fiber, a robust composite made from compressed sawdust, further reducing its environmental impact while increasing its lifespan – HDF is much more durable than particle board and has a lifespan of over 20 years.

staxxiom’s current collection includes a variety of stools, side tables, coffee tables, and cabinets. The number of parts for each design range between 3 and 5, which makes them incredibly simple to assemble while giving them a minimal aesthetic that comes to life with the furniture’s vibrant palette of colors. The wooden panels are CNC-cut, giving them incredibly precise tolerances while reducing waste. The HDF boards are designed to be incredibly good at load-bearing too, allowing even the smallest stools to support up to 500lbs. staxxiom’s even won the highly coveted Good Design Award for their intuitively simple, minimal, tool-free, and eco-friendly furniture!

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