This firefighting bike is designed to aid and assist tunnel accident rescue missions

Fire incidents in tunnels can be highly fatal due to the limitations in reaching the injured – this is where a swift firefighting bike can mean the difference between life and death.

Highway tunnels and accidental fires are a deadly mix that we all wish never happens. The Mont Blank tunnel (between Italy and France) fire is a grave example of how tunnel fires can have fatal consequences – a situation that can be very complicated to take control over. The major problem with the design of tunnels is the limited access area due to the enclosed structure. The trapping of smoke, high temperature in a constricted section and disorientation is fatal for the unfortunate trapped people. Another problem is the inability of rescue vehicles to enter or exit the tunnel.

To get around this, designer Syu Wei Chen has proposed the design of an emergency operations station complete with a charging stand, foam cylinders, water mist system, and TUNNEL KEEPER bikes. The latter is equipped with a state-of-the-art water mist system and exhaust device to beam water particles to reduce carbon monoxide concentration in one section. This system expands the exhaust device to both sides to dissipate heat and dense smoke to improve visibility to aid the rescue vehicles and firefighters.

The firefighter bike is loaded with all the latest firefighting technology and HUD systems to keep the personnel abreast the vital information. Things like the temperature inside the tunnel, status of the equipment and advanced maps to accurately scout the disaster struck location in advance from a distance. TUNNER KEEPER comes with a detachable side stretcher to rescue the injured out of harm’s way. According to Syu the advanced firefighting bikes will be dispatched in groups to better access the situation and take proactive measures for damage control.

These vehicles will be electric-powered and charged at the station outside every major tunnel. I personally like the idea of the exhaust smoke system which sucks up the air from the front of the bike and throws it out from the rear to clear the area with dense smoke for better visibility to save the injured or trapped people. There’s another interesting bit, the foam nozzle is equipped with infrared rays to beam the nozzle precisely at the fire.

Designer: Syu Wei Chen