This state-of-the-art coffee grinder fixes the single biggest flaw with the Italian burr grinders on the market

What if you looked at a car and said “Hey, we should try removing the wheels…” It sounds like an odd thing to do to a car, right? But you take the wheels off and you turn the car into an eVTOL and you don’t need wheels anymore because your car can fly. As odd as that little story may sound, it’s similar to what industrial designer Ahmet Ergün and architect Yavuz Bozkurt did to the coffee grinder. They took out (the axle) what seemed like one of the most integral parts of its design… and somehow, that made the coffee grinder even better.

Designers: Ahmet Ergün & Yavuz Bozkurt

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The Knob Coffee Grinder both simplifies and improves on the coffee grinder. Traditional grinders come with an outer chamber that holds the beans, and an inner grinding stone that rotates on an axle (which you manually crank). However, this ever-important axle can sometimes wobble or shake while it’s trying to crush the beans, causing them to grind into uneven pieces, resulting in inconsistencies that cause your coffee to taste bad. The most obvious solution up until now has been to just make the axle stronger and less prone to wobbling, although it’s had mixed results.

No axle, no wobbling to ensure perfect consistency.

Ahmet Ergün and Yavuz Bozkurt decided to ditch this axle completely, designing a completely new grinding mechanism in the process. The Knob Coffee Grinder doesn’t use an axle, but rather, lets you directly rotate the burrs instead. Just chuck roasted beans in, set how coarse or fine you want your grind, and begin rotating. The robust mechanism creates an incredibly consistent grind every time, and with a few simple hand-cranks, you’re ready to brew the best cup of coffee you could probably produce at home!

The axle-less design of the Knob Coffee Grinder has a few other notable advantages too. The removal of the axle allowed the designers to also build in a step-less adjustment mechanism into the grinder, letting you be very flexible with how fine or coarse you want your grind.

Precision from Espresso to Cold Brew.

To adjust your grind size, all you do is loosen the main knob and freely rotate the adjustment dial to choose exactly how coarse or smooth you want your grind. Unlike other grinders that require you to choose a fixed coarseness value, the Knob lets you even pick a spot right in between two values, giving you infinite control over the grind. Once you’ve made your choice, tighten the knob again to ‘confirm’ your coarseness value. Aside from this infinite customizability, the lack of an axle actually makes the Knob more portable. Without an axle and a crankshaft attached to it, the Knob features a detachable handle that pops off and docks vertically into the side of the grinder, making it easy to pack and carry with you. When you’re ready to grind, just pop the handle off and fix it into the top and you can begin rotating it to grind your beans.

The overall design of the Knob is limited to just a handful of parts that are easy to disassemble and reassemble (making it easy to clean/maintain). The body’s made of just two parts – an outer vessel, and the fixed burr setup.

The Knob even comes with a cap that acts as a measuring scoop while feeding the beans into the grinder, and a pop-out catcher base collects the final grounds all in one place.

The coffee grinder comes with an all-metal design, featuring a slick-looking aluminum outer body that feels great to the touch. The cylinder-shaped grinder measures just 58mm wide and 150mm tall (that’s smaller than a soft drink can) and weighs a mere 600 grams (1.32lbs), making it perfect for using at home or even carrying with you on outdoor trips.

The Knob can churn out 20 grams of fine espresso-grade coffee powder in under a minute, with a consistency that other regular burr grinders will struggle to match. Designed to be simple, reliable, portable, and long-lasting, the Knob costs $189 on Kickstarter, and comes in three color variants – Aircraft Silver, Moon Grey, and Batman Black. I bet Batman’s a regular coffee drinker too… although I hear he likes his coffee dark!

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