Delta Lab – First Designer Recording Studio by Thomas Troelsen

Delta Lab Recording Studios are the world’s first designer recording studios and the premiere studios for artists seeking both a singular, creative experience and comfortable, professional environs for their recording, production, and mixing needs.

Located in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark, the studios boast the largest collection of analog and vintage equipment in Scandinavia. The studios also offer the latest, modern recording facilities and equipment, and are well suited to fulfill all the needs of its artistic clients including recording, production, mixing, editing, and songwriting.

The studios were originally opened in 2001 by Thomas Troelsen at the age of 19, but were recently rebuilt and refurbished in 2007 with a new, stylistic aesthetic, including 7.5 meter (24.6 feet) ceilings with broad panel skylights.

The cozy, inspiring atmosphere of the Delta Lab Recording Studios, combined with a professional and experienced, in-house team, ensures an enjoyable and productive experience for all our clients.

Designer: Thomas Troelsen