This 3D printed cabin was designed to give you an escape from the everyday urban lifestyle!

If you are looking for an unconventional staycation, this 3D-printed Urban Cabin could be it! It has transformed a former industrial area in Amsterdam from a vast empty space into an urban retreat with a pocket park for picnics and an outdoor bathtub that will teach you to not focus on what others might be thinking. The compact sustainable dwelling is actually born from research about building in urban environments. It is entirely 3D printed with bio-plastic and can be fully recycled to be reprinted in the future!

The compact sustainable dwelling is actually born from research about building in urban environments by Amsterdam-based firm Dus Architects. DUS designs indoor and outdoor furniture, interiors, and architectural installations using 3D printing to accelerate a new way of building – smart, 100% circular, and on-demand.

The cabin’s design plays with the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, it creates luxury with a minimum footprint. It is 100% 3D printed with black-colored bio-based material and showcases different types of façade ornament, form-optimization techniques, and smart solutions for insulation and material consumption. The floor and stepped porch offer a visual contrast, they are made with a concrete finish creating a beautiful pattern that extends into a path in the pocket park. In the green surrounding the cabin, you can enjoy the sculptural printed bathtub and watch the sunset admist waving poplar trees.

The 8 m2 x 25 m3 house fits the tiny house movement which is all about small structures solving large housing issues. The layout features a mini-porch and indoor space in which a sofa can be doubled up as a twin bed. The 3D printing techniques can be used particularly well for small temporary homes or in disaster-hit areas. After use, the bio print material can be shredded entirely and re-printed into new designs.

The Urban Cabin is part of the 3D Print Living Lab by DUS architects. It is another step in using the in-house developed 3D print technology to build sustainable, customizable, and fast housing solutions for the growing cities around the globe without having to dig deep foundations or generate massive construction waste.

The 3D Printed Urban Cabin rethinks intimacy and individual space within the city. We often don’t have the luxury of bathtubs or personal parks when living in a small city apartment but with precise insertion, innovation, and thinking outside the box, DUS managed to change the former industrial area from a vast empty non-place into a retreat to escape the speed of everyday life and to enjoy summer, the waterfront, and the sunset with friends or by yourself.

“The Summer House is the first step in using our 3D print technology in developing sustainable, customizable, and on-demand housing solutions for the fast-growing cities around the globe,” says the team that is known for keeping sustainability at the core of their urban development plans.

In its drive to democratize architecture, DUS founded Aectual, the design-to-build platform that brings smart & circular customizable 3D printed architecture solutions by and for architects, designers, and design lovers.

Through design, DUS builds alliances and solutions to create a big positive impact for our planet, it is all about acting with a global mindset – what benefits one city can benefit many more and that is how we can make a difference. Urban Cabin truly offers a unique perspective into urban architecture, sustainable construction, and a one-of-a-kind experience in your own city!

Designer: DUS architects