This vacuum cleaner gets a display uplift to sit with the other appliances at home

Vacuum cleaners have come of age. They have evolved to be noiseless, automatic, and big dust and grime gobblers that can clean our homes, removing all possible allergens. Irrespective of all the interesting form factors, choice of materials, and functionalities they come with, vacuums still remain in one corner of the house, preferably away from sight, sitting there for longer than being used. This is essential because vacuum cleaners lack decorative usability, which can put them into the mainframe of the living area.

Vacuum cleaners are an everyday requirement we cannot do without on a daily basis now. Since their necessity, work is being done in shaping them to come out of the hiding to sit amid the other appliances in the house. But an appealing vac is yet to make the mainstream. Leaving scope for something like the BLEND I Vacuum Cleaner, which adds an interactive display to the vacuum cleaner’s stand.

Designer: Wootae Kim

The display brings usability to the otherwise idle-lying appliance between uses. The display can be used to show information such as the time, temperature, notifications and more, along with giving the vacuum cleaner a better space in the interior décor.

Drawing some design inspiration from a Dyson, the vacuum cleaner is conceived in metal, featuring harmonious curved and straight lines to create a luxurious body that can complement the novelty of the screen to gel with the interior like never before with a vacuum cleaner. The handle – with a curved finish at the top – has a conveniently angled design, which permits easy handling without straining the user’s wrist.

The display of the standing vacuum cleaner spans the entire height and width of its stand. Standalone it looks like a long thin screen with a steel body and round base. The vac when docked back into the stand for charging and security, becomes an interesting element of décor that you won’t mind placing alongside other essential appliances at home or in the office.