This tiny cabin in the woods is every book lover’s dream!

Libraries are one of my happy places so this cabin is straight out of my dream – a cozy personal library blended with a forest getaway! The Bookworm cabin is made for bibliophiles who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while devouring stories by a fireplace. Designed by Polish duo Bartłomiej Kraciukand and Marta Puchalska-Kraciuk, this cabin is all about immersing yourself in your books and the woods which was their personal motive too!

The angular 377-square-foot cabin is built on a wooded plot near the town of Mazovia which is just 31 miles outside Warsaw. The design and aesthetic were inspired by the surrounding lush forest and sand dunes.

Puchalska-Kraciuk is an architect who specializes in interior design with the firm Moszczyńska Puchalska in Warsaw and adapted the cabin’s concept from colleagues at POLE Architekci.

“I just loved staring at this landscape—but how long can you do that for? Maybe longer if you are indoors facing a big window, sitting on a comfy chair. Still, how long can you endure this? That’s when the idea to fill it with books came in. That way one can sit, stare, and have a reason for it—the reason being reading a book,” says Kraciuk.

She modified the original concept from POLE Architekci to transform it into a book lover’s dream escape. “We made minor changes to the colors, window arrangement, and some interior design, and the house was ready,” adds Kraciuk.

The fireplace, plush seating, and wooden interiors enhance the coziness and warmth – literally. It’s modern, minimal and keeps the focus on your reading list or the scenic outdoors thanks to its sweeping glass windows.

The Bookworm cabin has two levels – 269 square feet on the first floor and a 108-square-foot upper level which has is a sleeping loft. The compact structure uses space wisely, it has a full bathroom underneath the stairs, shelves filled with hundreds of books that line the interior, and a kitchenette that stands against the far wall. The dream is to take all my unread books and stay for half a year…minimum!

Designer: Bartłomiej Kraciukand and Marta Puchalska-Kraciuk