This Coffee Brewer is Smart and Elegant at the Same Time

Using materials like ceramic, leather, and wood, you wouldn’t expect the Cora Coffee Brewer to house technology within it too, but you’d be surprised. Elegant and smart at the same time, the Cora brews coffee with remarkable precision, while sticking to materials and a form factor that looks traditional.

With a ceramic hourglass-shaped body, a leather waistband for easy gripping, and a wooden base that magnetically attaches to the ceramic carafe, the Cora lets you brew coffee while controlling aspects like weight and time. The wooden base houses a weighing scale within it which connects to your phone through Bluetooth. Measure out your beans, watching their weight on the app on your phone, before grinding them and placing the grounds and a filter within the carafe. Place the carafe on the wooden scale and measure the amount of water you pour too, this time, while running a timer to control the intensity of the brew. Once done, remove the filter and you can directly pour the coffee into your mug knowing fully well that the brew is going to taste exactly how you want it to be!

A portmanteau of the words Coffee and Aura, the Cora is elegant and looks more like a traditional pour-over coffee maker rather than a fancy hi-tech coffee machine made of metal, glass, and circuitry. The Cora sits wonderfully in most homes, complementing the space, and filling it with the aroma of caffeine when you’re ready to brew, and filling your cup with delicious, calibrated, home-brewed coffee when you’re craving some!

Designer: Aaron Freyer

Click here to Buy Now: $149.00 $199.99 (25% off). Hurry, only 16 left!


The Cora Coffee Brewer is a ceramic brewing Carafe perched on a precise Bluetooth Smart Scale.


Nearly two years of refinement have delivered the Cora Coffee Brewer. Her gentle form and premium materials define the essence of good coffee. Gently tucked within these organic materials lies an extremely efficient Bluetooth connected scale, so amazing coffee can be made at home.


Her name is a portmanteau: coffee + aura. We want Cora to give your home the aura of perfect coffee every morning.


Click here to Buy Now: $149.00 $199.99 (25% off).



Say goodbye to plastic, batteries, and buttons. Each Smart Scale is unique– CNC milled out of a solid piece of cherry hardwood. Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy, the scale seamlessly links with iOS and Android devices to display real-time weight in grams or ounces. The bottom of the scale is covered in laser engraved vegetable-tanned leather for a gentle and beautiful base. Magnetically clip the scale to the Cora Coffee Brewer Carafe, or use it for tea, shipping, cooking, and more.


Coated laser engraved leather covers the bottom of the Smart Scale, providing a gentle touch with counters and table tops.





The Cora App seamlessly connects to the Smart Scale via the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Real-time weight is displayed to the Cora App for the most precise brew possible. A timer functionality lets you dial in your brew to perfection. Available for iOS and Android.

Click here to Buy Now: $149.00 $199.99 (25% off).