Overstuffed pockets are a problem. Say hello to bolstr Elements – crossbody alternatives for your everyday carry


More spacious than your pockets and more compact than your backpack, bolstr Elements comes in a range of perfectly sized bags and accessories that let you carry all your daily essentials in one place. The series is available in three sizes that you can wear crossbody, carry in-hand, clip-on via carabiner, or store in-bag for organization. bolstr Elements gives you a dedicated space for all your personal effects, from your phone and wallet, to your keys, AirPods, sunglasses, and other small items with which you would otherwise stuff your pockets.

Designer: Jay Yoo

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bolstr addresses three degrees of minimal everyday carry, filling a sweet spot in the bag market between your pockets and an oversized backpack.

BOLSTR MINI POCKET. Larger than a wallet, smaller than a handbag.

MINI: An extra pocket for pocket essentials only. Four pockets for credit cards, Airpods, charging cables, and more.

BOLSTR AUX POCKET. Smaller than a sling pack. Larger than a wallet.

AUX: An extra pocket designed for daily essentials, but not much more. Five pockets for a smartphone, Airpods, credit cards, passport, and wallet. Elastic bands for charging cables and a pen.

BOLSTR SMALL CARRY. Smaller than a laptop bag. Larger than a holster.

SMALL CARRY: Five pockets for sunglasses, smartphone, airpods, wallet, passport, small tablet, but not much more.

bolstr’s designs build on close to 20 years of soft goods design (apparel and accessories). Asymmetrical shapes create visual tension, which bolstr uses for aesthetics and identity. You know it is a ‘bolstr’ just by looking at it.

Obsessed with quality and innovation, the company uses only the best materials. Military-grade materials of construction, including Dyneema*, waterproof YKK zippers, Fidlock magnetic closure (Small Carry),  D-rings for keys, aluminum clip hooks for strapping and keys (MINI an AUX) and made in the USA.

*Dyneema is a high-performance material known to be 15x stronger than steel, finding its way into mission-critical applications like tethers that pull satellites in space.

Why make a bag with more than seven (7) pockets? bolstr’s design philosophy, BA7ANCE™, is based on half a century of cognitive research, which proved ‘chunks’ of information longer than 7 become significantly harder to remember. All bolstr bags have no more than 7 pockets, making them the perfect ‘in between’ carry with just the right amount of space.

The bolstr Elements Kickstarter offers four colorways: Stealth (ballistic), Grey Matter (ballistic), Lunar Blue (Cordura®), and B-DYM (Dyneema). All bolstr Elements are available as add-ons, in addition to facemasks, Niteize stainless steel slim carabiners, and their Universal Strap. Clean your carry!

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $49 ($20 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!