Twelve South HoverBar Duo – The best iPad Stand money can buy…

Going above and beyond what most iPad stands can do, the HoverBar Duo’s design considers a WIDE range of uses, from being an additional display for your iMac to a tablet attached to your kitchen counter, or even your bedside. The stand rests on surfaces and attaches to shelves/ledges, giving you a maneuverable arm that lets you adjust your iPad to any angle or height of your choosing. This solves the iPad’s biggest problem, the fact that you have to worry about how to hold/position it. Designed to let you use the iPad for work, filming, blogging, video chatting, and casual entertainment, the Twelve South HoverBar Duo is easily the most versatile iPad stand money can buy… and its adjustable design lets it work with the larger iPads as well as the iPad Mini.

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In hindsight, you really can’t call the HoverBar Duo an iPad ‘stand’. The multi-hinged, incredibly versatile, height/direction adjustable arm is capable of doing much more than your conventional stand is. In fact, think of it as a mechanical butler who just holds your iPad for you at any angle you want, for any length of time. More versatile than a stand or a tripod, the HoverBar Duo for the iPad and iPhone is better described by the things that it’s capable of… and it’s capable of quite a lot!

Simply put, the HoverBar Duo holds your iPad or iPhone wherever you want it, and in any orientation you need. The multi-hinge arm is infinitely adjustable (sort of like the lamp on a dentist’s chair), and the choice between a flat-base and a clamp-base gives the HoverBar Duo the ability to be placed practically anywhere – on a table or a kitchen counter, or even suspended from a shelf or a rod. A universal clip allows the HoverBar Duo to hold onto a wide variety of devices, including older and later models of the iPad as well as all generations of the iPhone (this obviously means it works with *most* Android phones and tablets too).

The rather long two-part arm allows the HoverBar Duo to hold your device at eye-level, giving you the ability to turn your iPad into an extra monitor that’s on the same level as the iMac, while the multiple hinges mean you could position the iPad to serve as an angled kiosk/terminal, a sketching tablet, or even an impromptu television or FaceTime machine. Moreover, the infinite adjustability means you could potentially use the HoverBar Duo to position your smartphone or tablet’s camera at any angle, turning it into a makeshift tripod with varying degrees of freedom! As I said earlier, the HoverBar Duo isn’t just merely an iPad ‘stand’… it’s a whole lot more!

Designer: Twelve South

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