This AI-enabled phone case has detachable display that prioritizes and manages your notifications!

A smartphone case that lets you focus on work at hand without being worried about missing any important notifications.

Smartphones are like a second skin to us as they constantly keep beaming notifications (more than 100 in a day on average) that can adversely affect productivity and focus levels. It is like, we get sucked into using our phones even when we don’t intend to. More often than not users rarely toggle their phone notifications – to filter out the ones that are not important. This calls for a perfect opportunity to develop a gadget that can prioritize notifications on the phone and over time learn how the user interacts with these notifications to only beam the important ones on priority.

Meet Noa, a detachable phone case that comes with an AI-enabled e-ink screen to learn the user’s response to particular notifications. What I find the most intuitive about Noa’s design is the fact that it can be detached right off the case whenever needed. This in a way physically segregates you from your phone’s inviting notifications to prevent any untimely disruptions without worrying about missing out on what matters to you the most. It can also be used as a kickstand to set up a notifications center and have the phone out of sight.

Noa has an e-ink display that is gentle on the eyes and it seamlessly slides into the phone case housing near the bottom courtesy of the strong magnets. The gadget connects to the phone’s OS and intelligently ascertains whether a notification requires immediate attention or can be kept aside to be checked later on. To be precise, Noa sends the right notifications at the right time. The smart software of this accessory constantly tracks user behavior to get better over time and determines the display position of notifications in the interface.

It can also send quick replies thanks to the Quick Reply AI, which comes with Summarization AI to organize longer notification messages and automatic scheduling based on the important times and dates in the user’s calendar. Noa is in a true sense a gadget that does the hard work for the user without missing out on vital notifications that matter the most.

Designer: Darren Wells