This bento-inspired three-tier lunch box has a carrying case that doubles as a tablecloth so you can always enjoy a proper meal!

Busy workdays sometimes mean compromise for our meals. Instead of sitting down to fully enjoy a meal and our full lunch hour, we’re three-quarters of the way through a sandwich the size of our face five minutes after closing time. As relaxing and recalibrating as sitting down to eat a proper meal can be, work always seems to come first. SOC is a lunch box created by designers at Midea who hope to bring back the ceremony of enjoying a meal, even during the busier workdays.

SOC Lunch Box is a three-tier lunch container packaged inside a magnetic carrying case that doubles as a tablecloth. The three levels of SOC provide space for the user’s different food items to be separated and neatly arranged, with enough room inside for utensils and a metal cover that keeps the food steamed throughout the day. With three enclosed compartments, each meal taken from SOC will taste as fresh as when it was made. Once each meal is properly placed inside SOC, the closed lunch box gets folded into its case which securely locks with a magnetic buckle.

The lunch box itself gets wrapped up in a magnetic carrying case that unfolds to create a tablecloth or placemat for mealtime. The tablecloth is easy to clean and comprises three layers, made from PU anti-fouling, temperature insulation support, and silica gel material. Included to encourage users to make a ceremony of each meal, the placement is meant to keep the meals from spilling on desks.

Designer: Midea

SOC Lunch Box comes in three layers, with enough room for a full meal, steam cover, and utensils.

SOC Lunch Box gets wrapped up in a magnetic carrying case that doubles as a tablecloth to have for mealtime.

When unfolded, SOC’s carrying case works as a durable placemat for meals. When folded, the tablecloth magnetizes and locks into place to function as a carrying case.

Coming in an array of different colors, SOC Lunch Box is a meal companion fit for everyone.

The tablecloth of SOC morphs into a carrying case through the box’s magnetic buckle mechanism that works to lock the carrying case in place.