The Up and Down Lamp

Lumix is a lamp that shines either up, down, or up and down. That’s it! I mean there are other details that you might want, like, where can I buy one, but basically the smart idea’s in the pudding! A block in the middle of the lamp and two bulbs. This is precisely what me, a night-working fellow, needs in the apartment.

Lemme go ahead and halte you doubters out there by saying this: when I say I want a product, when Chris Burns gets all up and hands-in-the-air crazy about a product, that means I definitely love it. That means, in the case of most cases on Yanko, I hope it makes it to the production line.

In this case, yes, I can see this baby shining bright beside my bright red loveseat. The top cover you see there is any one of several kinds of textiles you can cover the metal ring with, as the light shining upward is meant to be a soft, room covering light. The bottom shade is made of off-white cotton in order to direct the light downward “creating a warm, homogenous lighting.

Lumix is designed to create a variety of lighting scenarios. The bipartite lumiscent shade holds two bulbs which can be lit individually. Using the shade sensor dimmers Lumix can be transformed from a torchiere to a reading lamp within seconds.


Designer: Oliver Schick



Lumix functional floor lamp by Oliver Schick