This tiny floating sauna is the perfect way to end a day spent swimming outdoor in the chilly lakes!

Löyly is a prefabricated floating sauna that can accommodate up to three people and comes with a built-in wood stove for summer afternoons spent seaside and basking in the heat.

In recent years, our fascination for microarchitecture has soared. Our own backyards are now home to tiny offices and prefabricated leisure cabins. Across the world, public parks and urban spaces are seeing more and more miniature communal structures crop up that are designed to be WiFi hotspots and charging hubs. Bringing microarchitecture to the seaside, product and spatial designer Trolle Rudebeck Haar designed Löyly, a prefabricated floating sauna.

Built from Swiss wood, Löyly keeps an organic, unstained look and an overall clean and angled shape. The floating sauna features a shed roof that slopes up in one direction to create some headroom when standing. The roof seems to be formed from corrugated polycarbonate and the side paneling comes from a material similar to reeded glass film for a translucent look that also provides some privacy from the outside. Inside Löyly, a small bench allows seating for up to two to three people and the translucent window panes offer up-close views of the surrounding water and Swiss Alps in the distance. Besides the small bench, Trolle Rudebeck Haar incorporated a wood stove by MORZH, a wooden stove and sauna designer.

Microarchitecture hosts an array of practical purposes that encourage tiny, sustainable living and consolidate home comforts to span a smaller carbon footprint. Then, some microarchitecture designs remind us what fun tiny clubhouses can be. Löyly, the floating sauna in Copenhagen, is always accessible by swimming up to its sliding doors and using the pull-down steel ladder for entry aboard the pontoon to give you a fun afternoon spent seaside and basking in the heat.

Designer: Trolle Rudebeck Haar