Dual-tone Leather AirPods Case gives your Apple TWS earbuds a beautiful aesthetic worthy of premium EDC

White may be a pretty classic color in the tech world, but there’s nothing quite as classic as one of the world’s oldest and most popular materials – Leather. Bullstrap’s Leather Case (codenamed Terra) for the Apple Airpods definitely gives it a lovely handcrafted appeal. The case comes with black and tan leather trims, double-stitched together with robust Nylon thread, and lined on the inside with microfiber to protect your AirPods.

The Bullstrap Terra’s V-shaped design detail feels unmistakably like a popular cigarette brand, but while I’m the last person to ever endorse tobacco, it’s definitely memorable and visually striking. The V’s slightly offset though, creating a little bit of drama (which I really like, if I’m being honest), and the soft leather feels incredible to the touch.

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The case cover comes with a two-part design that fits on the AirPods’ top and bottom halves respectively. Its precisely engineered fit prevents it from ever falling off, and it even has hole-punches for the LED notification light and the lightning charging port at the base. If that wasn’t enough, the case supports wireless charging too, letting you easily place your AirPods on a wireless charger to juice it up when the battery’s running low.

The Terra fits both generations of the AirPods, and there’s a separate variant for the AirPods Pro too. Bullstrap even offers a limited lifetime warranty on their leather case and offers to fix/replace it if there’s any wear-and-tear or a manufacturing defect.

Designer: Bullstrap

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