Logitech unveils the first TWS earbuds designed specifically for your work-from-home needs

The first true wireless earbuds to be certified by Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, Logitech’s Zone True Wireless Earbuds were made specifically for online meetings.

It seems like every company with even the smallest connection to audio gear has its own TWS earbuds. Whether they’re designed to be affordable, or high-definition, or to have active noise-canceling, or to work perfectly with your phone or the rest of your wearable gear, every company wants a slice of the TWS pie, and more often than not, they just get drowned out because of the sheer competition… and Logitech seems to have understood that. Rather than jumping onto the bandwagon, Logitech decided to build the scenario before building the product. Meet the Logitech Zone Truly Wireless – earbuds designed and calibrated for work and business.

The earbuds can be paired with your laptop as well as your smartphone so you can go about your day from either device, whether it’s watching training videos or listening to music while you work, answering calls, or even attending online meetings. They’re designed to work seamlessly with common calling applications across most platforms and operating systems, and are certified by Microsoft for Teams and Skype for Business, by Google for Meet, and by Zoom.

Each earphone is equipped with a 3-microphone array – one to pick up your voice, and two more beamforming microphones to actively cancel out any noise. If you’re in a windy part of your home (or even if you’re outdoors for a bit while attending a meeting), a wind-blocking fabric on the outside helps cut out the gushing sound of wind, for a better audio experience not just for you, but for everyone else on the call.

The earphones can be controlled via the Logi Tune app on your phone or desktop. The app allows you to calibrate sound thanks to a 5-band equalizer, and even mute-unmute your microphone directly without needing to look for the appropriate button on your video-calling app/program. They boast of a 6-hour battery life, enough to last through even the longest meetings, and an overall of 24-hours with the charging case. If you’re running low on battery and you really need to enter a call, a mere 5-hours of charging within the case will give you one full hour of use. Oh, and the case wirelessly charges too!

The earphones come in two contemporary colors, black and a light pink, and they’re designed to discreetly fit into your ears without hanging out and looking too obvious like your AirPods. Moreover, you can use them outside work too (they’re great for listening to music) and even at the gym, since they’re rated IP68 water and dust resistant. The Logitech Zone True Wireless Earbuds will go on sale this fall for $299.

Designer: Logitech