say goodbye to cluttered pen stands, table clocks and sticky notes – this ultimate desk organizer has it all!

2ORDE is designed to create an environment that gives a sense of uniformity to the work desk and, owing to its multiple-use approach, makes finding office supplies convenient.

Keeping the home-office desk organized is like forcing a round peg through a square hole. There are endless desk organizers you can find on the market for your help, but most of them are about aesthetics than function; and if you go for functional options, you end up compromising on the aesthetics. Striking a uniform balance between the two, and delivering on multiple forms than just one, a group of designers has come up with 2ORDE, the ultimate desk organizer you won’t look beyond!

Since the pandemic, the home office workstation has become the place where we spend most of our time. In such a scenario, when you want to get something done and you don’t find the right supplies, you’re bound to go berserk. To save you the day and help you organize the desk and store out-of-order articles creatively, 2ORDE arrives in form of a stable notice board with its own set of supplies.

After a host of barnstorming sessions, mockups, and feedbacks – the designers Junseo Oh, Eojin Roh and Minjeong Kim arrived at a magnetic board in matte finish. Perfectly stable on its broad base, the 2ORDE is more than just the board. It is provided with a set of colorful sticky notes. These fasten magnetically to a section of the board, leaving the other part for you to detail your to-do with chalk and then paste a functional clock on it to glace at what schedule fits your time.

Even more interesting is the fact that these sticky notes are erasable; designers claim no matter the pen you use, you can rub it and move on without a speck of doubt. The provided pen holder also clings onto the magnetic board and lets you have your pen collection right in focus.