Reliable Kit

The spate of natural disasters last year gave rise to many concepts and ideas that tries to make life for the survivors a tad bit easier, until they get rehabilitated and settled. One such attempt is the Rely foldout-sleeping domain. The kit includes a compact sleeping bag with components a versatile stool that turns into a place to hold your water and supplies. It even includes a basic night lamp; overall I think it’s a very clever kit.

Rely contains a sleeping bag and light shelter, a bottle of water, a lighting tool, a stool, tableware, and toiletries. All the components are rolled up into a hexagon-shaped cylinder that can be zipped up and carried on one’s back with the help of straps. The rigid cylinder casing can be used as a sun shelter for the head when the bed is unfolded. The two ends of the cylinder store goods. On one side, a small storage compartment houses the bottle of water, tableware, and toiletries. When it is turned upside down, this ‘cabinet’ can be used as a stool. On the other side, a lighting tool is accommodated. It can be used as a lamp, and also as a flashlight that is charged via the kinetic energy associated with pushing a button. The lamp can be stood upright on its base. The rolled-up unit is efficient to stack and transport.

Rely is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Chen Yu Jung


  • what? says:

    seems like this would be very uncomoftable to cary, and if it is ment to be a B.O.B it is lacking a lot of items…

  • tom says:

    Is the sleeping bag rated for sub 0 temperatures? this would be more important then that little roof thing over your head.

  • adesignaddict says:

    huge waste of space for a way too basic emergency kit. a backpack the size of that rolled up thing would not only be much better to carry, even over long distances, but easily haul a sub 0 rated sleeping bag, a self-inflating air mattress (very important since a lot of warmth is lost through the ground), proper flashlight and/or led lantern, hygiene kit, a smart amount of water, a compact water filtration unit if needed, gas operated cooking stove and pot, tools, and a tarp which would actually protect you from the elements instead of that little flap.

    don’t get me wrong, i like the look of the kit, it’s just a waste in terms of space and weight.

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