More than just a bucket…

In a surprising merging of products, the Solar Energy Bucket serves as a multifunctional tool for anyone who likes to rough it. At first glance it appears to be a simple water bucket, but turn it upside down and you’ll see a small solar panel which harnesses the sun’s energy during the day. The stored energy can then be used to power the built-in light or even gently heat the water. Peculiar… but genius!

Designer: Chia-Yuan Pai


  • Christopher says:

    Solar cells are glass – right? Not terribly robust. Not the ideal bottom material for a bucket.

    I think this is a fine idea for a light – but forget the bucket-combo idea. Make it into a hat if you must make it dual-function

  • nayro says:

    what if you need to charge your Phone and bring/store some water ?
    then you ony have an expensive bucket and cant call for help
    or starve with style and a full battery x-D

    i will keep it simple with an cheap-standart-solar panel and an cheap bucket … but survive

    sadly nowadays you don´t need much to call your self a DESIGNER … 🙁

  • HARDIK says:

    how can this bucket work can you plz explain

  • Romain says:

    Usualy I don’t like to criticise projects but that bucket is teribly useless! Even more, how do you want to use the solar panel once it will be damaged and full of dirt? (it a bucket)

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