This modular furniture series reuses same construction pieces to adapt to your tiny living space!

Modular furniture is a tiny home’s most coveted design secret. As cities across the globe grow in population, living spaces are shrinking. Those who live in cities mostly live in tiny apartments or shared homes that require a lot of space budgeting. Meeting the spatial demands of tiny living spaces, furniture designers Lee PinYi and Su Ching Yao developed a modular, versatile furniture system called Better.

Better includes a collection of furniture pieces, ranging from office desks and bed frames to task chairs and coat racks, that hinge on a modular design to adapt to changing needs over time and provide extra storage space in small living spaces. Packaged just like a piece of furniture from IKEA, Better comes complete with simple, yet comprehensive assembly instructions and interchangeable parts that can give each piece of furniture a whole new look and function. Just like IKEA, Better boasts a simple and clean design scheme. Each piece of furniture shares assembly components, allowing users to swap different parts out for new ones, creating a totally new piece of furniture.

For example, a desk from Better might require the same parts used to build a coat rack, allowing users to recycle building materials and create their own piece of furniture from the start. Interchangeable parts also allow users to build on fully assembled pieces of furniture, adding storage compartments or leg rests when necessary. The height, finish, and integrated shelving for each component can be adjusted at any time by the user to build a piece of furniture totally unique to their own needs and living space.

Designer: Lee PinYi & Su Ching Yao

The same legs used to build the task chair can also be used to build the office desk and coat rack.

With an elemental look, Better’s collection of furniture evokes Scandinavian design.

Interchangeable assembly design and hardware lend to a simple construction process and modular deisgn.

The same construction pieces used to build the chair can be used to build a coat rack.

Users can also add on storage units like shelves and racks to make more use of each piece of furniture.

Following an easy-to-understand assembly process, Better’s furniture comes together quickly.

Integrated shelving units can be incorporated into every piece of furniture to ensure optimal storage.

Additional shelves can be latched onto the side of desks or even underneath for a neat footrest.

The chair follows the same, simple assembly scheme, allowing for a seamless building process.

The foot rest on the task chair can be adjusted to any desired height.

The workbench can also be adjusted according to your height and space available.

Users can build a chair or a stool following Better’s assembly instructions.

The coat rack can carry as many racks as needed, allowing users to add or take away when necessary.

By getting creative, users can turn average workbenches into sleek entryway shoe benches.

The workbench can also double as a cot.

Better’s line of furniture is inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design to fit into any living space.

Packaged like IKEA furniture, Better leans on a simple and clean design scheme.