Not Your Grandma’s Washboard

But just as easy to use! As appliances become increasingly multi-functional, so does their complexity of use. Gorenje’s red dot winning SensoCARE washing mashing achieves balance between technological functionality and user friendliness by focusing a straightforward design approach on the UI and the machine’s overall ergonomics. The operations panel has been visually conceived in a way that makes selection much easier for the user, without posing any restrictions on custom adjustments and settings of the machine.

Designer: Gorenje


  • Quintin says:

    Our current washing machine is the same form factor, has less buttons and does not need a LCD display.

    In what way is this easier to use than other modern washing machines?

    The sloping glass window is an interesting thought, but might it not put extra strain on the door when the machine is fully loaded and turning?

  • Nathan says:

    Like Quintin said, this looks verry much like half the washing machines you can find at the Home Depot. If the UI is revolutionary, why not show the UI instead of a bunch of goofy shots of who I can only assume are the designers? This article is an embarrassment to them.

    Aside: Quintin, the sloped window keeps the spinning clothes from settling on the door sill. It’s a nice common feature of a front-load.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Hmm. I hate to agree, but I have seen simpler washing machines. And I have seen that sloped glass before too.

  • Quintin says:

    I understand the reason for the sloping window, I had just never seen it before (but then, washing machines aren’t a particular interest of mine, so there might be machines already out there that have a sloping window like that…).

    Now that I’ve given it more thought, it probably won’t put a lot of extra strain on the hinge and lock when the machine is full of water…

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