This portable treehouse trailer hooks onto a bike, making it the ultimate solo outdoor escapade!

Talk about a treehouse and the first thing that comes to mind is a wooden structure erected around a solid tree. Then shift your thought towards a camper that is towed behind a vehicle. Combine these both in their smallest form possible and you get this portable treehouse. The unique creation christened Tree Trailer by Henry K. Wein, a design student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, is a house on wheels like none other. The one-man treehouse can be towed behind a bicycle or a motorcycle, and when the time comes to set camp, simply mount it on a solid tree branch with the trunk acting as the other support. When mounted to a tree, it makes me think about the idea of vertical camping – wherein tents are pitched hanging from vertical cliffs!

Henry created this amazing DIY camper from repurposed parts – such as the cladding made out of a salvaged house blind. The rest of it is made from wood and a supporting metal beam. For an airy feeling (for claustrophobic people) the portable treehouse comes with opening windows on the sides and a fixed glass window on top. While on the inside there is only enough space to toss and turn during sleep, it is far better than setting camp on the ground. Remember those times when on a camping trip the bugs and insects were a nightmare during sleep.

The DIY is worth all the appreciation and Henry will surely improve it in the future to make it more durable and worthy of long adventure trips. Probably having a pop-up style camper addition would be great, and the front section could be closed off securely to avoid dust or other things entering the sleeping area. That said, the Tree Trailer portable treehouse takes you much closer to nature – whether it be on the road or enjoying pristine views on a hilltop. Just imagine hanging from a tree – with nothing but you and the elements!

Designer: Henry K. Wein