Bring Home Sunshine During Rains

Why suffer through poor air quality and hot humid weather (or extreme cold), when you can simulate your favorite climate using the Air Globe. The collects the real-time temperature, humidity, smells and sound of your desired destination and recreates it in the machine before releasing it into your home environment. What this means is that the refreshing air of The Alps or the balmy breeze of Hawaii with the sound of waves, is only a setting away.

Air Globe is a 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Competition entry.

Designer: Pei-Chih Deng


  • Javier says:

    Excellent development if the model is powerful and can get to simulate climate..

  • Hunter says:

    So you want to create ideal weather conditions for a closed environment? Tell me what would be the point?
    If it’s an open environment, then the conditions would dissipate.

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  • Ideal for night driving & in fog alone.
    Love this.

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