This fully autonomous car delivers luxury interiors that make traveling a relaxing experience

Making a trip to the next big meeting or traveling to your loved ones is more than just starting at point A and reaching point B. We live in times where multitasking and squeezing out the most productive moments in life is of value. That’s why concept vehicle designers emphasize the interior ambiance and the minimal yet highly functional aspect of futuristic commuters. The exponential rate at which technology upgrades lends designers the freedom to conjure up designs that are well worthy of a sci-fi movie.

GAC 2030 U- journey by transportation designer Ray Lyu from the central academy of fine arts Beijing, China, is the perfect example. As the name implies, this desirable concept car envisions transportation in the year 2030 (which is not that far off) dominated by autonomous vehicles that’ll be mostly powered by clean energy. The self-driving feature of the future cars gives the designer leverage to maximize interior space for lounging, working, or socializing with close ones. Furthermore, this concept car influences oriental beauty in the interiors that are calming and decluttered for complete peace of mind. A perfect haven on the road for sustaining the right state of mind when you’re working on the go or simply want some time out from a busy lifestyle.

Ray’s design centers around the cozy interiors that feel like home – with a comfy lounge seating at the rear and a movable lounge seat that can be oriented in any direction and place. To the front is the working space with a low height table for placing a laptop or journal. On the outside, GAC impresses without question owing to its flowing design highlighted by the cool white tone with a tinge of subtle cool blues giving it a sexy future-worthy personality. In addition, the semi-transparent panoramic windshield glass brings an airy character to the rental ride, well complemented by the unibody design tires. And what can I say about the door opening mechanism? It is pure genius to have on a modern vehicle like this.

GAC’s design is not just a mere digital contraption, as Ray has created a scale model of the 2030 car, and I appreciate the attention to detail put in it. Overall, this concept is a very balanced design not going down the infeasible realms, which can be overdone. A big thumbs up to Ray for GAC 2030 U- journey!

Designer: Ray Lyu