Ferrari Nintendo steering wheel for intense racing action on and off the circuit

Playing racing games on the Nintendo Switch is total fun when a Joy-Con Wheel is used. Giving you a tactical edge in gaming titles like Mario Kart, Star Wars Racer or FAST RMX. You just slot your Joy-Cons into the 5-inch diameter of the wheel, eventually making the game much easier to play. Third-party steering wheels of the standard size can also be connected, but they can sometimes have a glitchy experience.

Reason enough for Nintendo to graduate to the big boys club with a racing wheel that can give the likes of Logitech G29, Thrustmaster T300RS or Fanatec CSL Elite a good run for their money.

Designer: Braz de Pina

Carrying a discrete vibe compared to any other real-life gaming steering wheel, or even a concept creation, this Ferrari Nintendo racing wheel boasts an arcade-styled theme. The best-suited matching accessory for speeding past opponents or drifting in Mario Kart skirmishes. But a closer look reveals this is a steering wheel designed for a nerdy supercar fan who loves to keep a Nintendo Switch handy. One in a million chance of this combination!

The button layout is so comprehensive it could just make the cut inside the Ferrari 2023 SF-23 F1 dashboard. Well, that’s an even bigger hypothetical stretch of imagination… but what’s stopping me. Alright, back to reality, the concept racing wheel will piquet the interest of F1 and supercar fans, since such advanced steering wheels are only made for circuit racing machines. Things like the pit lane speed limiter, current and best lap times, driving mode, or KERS battery charging status.

The use of light color shades of white and light brown matched with the signature blue, red and green of the Nintendo lends this concept a distinct appeal. Not only Switch titles but this Ferrari gaming controller would be fit for racing sims like Test Drive Unlimited, Forza Motorsport, or The Crew Motorfest.