Fancy Surgical Tool is so Future is Now!

Surgical work requires a level or hand precision artisans would envy but years of repetitive motion can leave doctors with various levels of carpal tunnel. Enter the Stratos™, a new all-in-one device for endoscopic carpal tunnel release. Among a number of innovations, the Stratos™ handle houses scraper and blade attachments which are automatically deployed with a flip of a switch. Consider that many surgeries take hours on end, this new tool enables doctors to do their job without tiring out their wrists and hands. Need more of this!

Designers: A.M. Surgical, Inc. & Carbon Design Group


  • Sagar says:

    Excuse me but at first glance it looks like a gas-stove lighter and not a medical equipment. Try some other colours..

  • Siemens says:

    Wow! What an innovation! As years pass by, the technology is getting smarter and new ways of innovating tools especially this Stratos™ handle looks like an awesome creation.

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