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The Mechanized Digital Watch features a digital font but manipulates it to function as a “mechanized” number because the elements of each digit physically move to create numbers. Every digit is composed of 7 panels and to create a number, panels on the watch face recess revealing contrasting sidewalls. Thus creating the outline of a digit and a whole lot of fun!

Designer: Carl Allen

Mechanized Digital Watch Concept by Carl Allen







  • Mario Cisneros says:

    Beautiful interpretation but the mechanism may get just too complicated.
    I’ll buy one, watches are a fashion object that reflects the personality and “coolness” factor of its user.

  • eno says:

    simple and futuristic.. love it

  • JO says:

    @hfbvm : That’s because this type of design is amazing and attractive! 😉

  • Confucius says:

    Nice work. What were you thinking you could use to do the pushing and pulling of the ‘blocks’, that fits into a watch?

  • Carl says:

    It could possibly be moved with a little electro magnet attached to the backside of each panel. When current is applied, it would pull on the panel causing it to recess into the watch face. I never really got to far into the actual mechanics of the idea beyond the basic concept. If the electro-magnet idea doesn’t work, it could always work by “magic”!

    Thanks for the great comments everyone!

  • Stone Rhino says:

    I think most people are over-complicating the mechanism required. Moving the entire piece from each section would be too difficult.

    Instead, keep the slots as they are, but simply add little shutters to the individual sections of each digit. This way only a small piece has to slide over the hole to cover it. With such a system the design is still preserved, while allowing for a simpler mechanism and lower power consumption.

  • sean2y says:

    i really hope to buy it

  • Chris says:

    beautiful design!!!
    when I can buy?

  • Richard says:

    Really Nice, but to our great relieve we just got rid of of the easy breaking down moving parts in this industry.

  • Richard says:

    Really Nice, but to our great relieve we just got rid of of the easy breaking down moving parts in this industry.

  • dustin says:

    i would buy this. love the design.

  • nanke supra says:

    How much does the watch cost? Not the round one…

  • Nanke Supra says:

    I really want one! We can I buy it? Love the design it is something new…when will it be for sale?

  • Michael says:

    Dear Sir/Madame
    how much is it?
    and where i can buy this watch

    i’m in indonesia

  • Nanke says:

    I want to buy one? Will they ever be on sale?

  • NANKE says:

    when will they be for sale?

  • Joseph says:

    Please advise where to find this watch and how much it costs.
    Thank you

  • madelyn says:

    dude i thought this thing was real and now I’m upset! I’ve been looking all over this website to see where i could buy it when i realized it was a design. could you please bring this to life i NEED this watch like now its really the best watch I’ve eve seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i neeedd it nnoow. this is over powered with awesome!

  • Gertrude says:

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