This smart desk gadget doubles as a stretching aid to keep you moving while working!

Transitioning from working out of the office to working from home has undoubtedly thrown our daily movement routines for a loop. While our days once consisted of walking throughout the office and completing our daily move goal ring by lunchtime, our workdays are now split between slouching at a desk and laying on the couch for short breaks. Turning to smart technology to help incorporate more mobility throughout our days, a team of designers based in Korea developed a smart stretching device called Root.

The team of designers behind Root incorporated smart technology into the handheld device that mimics the experience of movement tracking from other smart devices like the Apple watches or built-in smartphone health monitors. Built to be the size of a large pen, Root is as compact and portable as any other health-tracking smart device. Most of the device’s operability is integrated into its internal structure, coming complete with an elastic strap inside that extends for full-motion stretching and built-in motion sensors and coils that provide the groundwork for smart technology. Root’s accompanying app receives information from the device’s internal sensors to provide stretching exercises that are most appropriate for each user’s limitations and individual needs.

After pairing Root with the app via Bluetooth, users can return to their own profile to view upcoming stretching routines, exercises, as well as activity training throughout the day. Integrated coaching and in-app expertise guide users through each movement that Stretch recommends, depending on the handlebar sensors to ensure correct body placement and movement. In developing Root, the team of designers hoped to create a stretching device that helps users generate a solid foundation for our daily movement that will ultimately turn into a daily routine to open up the day to new possibilities. With the chunk of our days taking place behind screens and hunched over our smartphones, Root’s minimal screen provides the ideal recharge we all need.

Designers: Eric Kim, Jae Hyeon Lee, and Nemin Jin

The designers settled on the name Root after finding inspiration in three words: root, routine, and infinite.

The charging station is as compact as the actual stretching device, offering a minimalist display for busy workspaces.

Root is a stretching smart device that’s as compact as a large pen.

Root can easily pair with your smartphone and accompanying app.

Inside, Root carries an elastic stretching band for full-body movements.

Root has an ergonomic build and intuitive design for optimal usability.

Root’s PUI display on its 2.5D glass screen informs users when and how to exercise.

Root’s main smart technology is integrated into the internal structure of the device itself.

root can be used anywhere, at any time throughout the day.

The main body of Root is composed of a type-C port and coils for charging, motion sensors, and wire sensors.

The home page of Root contains each user’s scheduled routine for stretching.

Users can swap out exercises as they see fit.

Integrated smart technology signals to users when their stretching is correct.

Activity tracking fills out most of the app’s main purpose to ensure productive stretching tailored for each individual.

Built-in coaching guides users through each exercise.