Why This Pocket Typewriter in 2018 Makes Absolute Sense


Made to usher in a great writing experience in the digital age, the pomera is a pocket typewriter that combines the simplicity and ease-of-use of the past along with the wide-range functionality and portability of the future. The combination is a well-blended mix of nostalgia and modernity, making the pomera a great product for pretty much anyone.

Probably the first of its kind, the pomera is a digital typewriter rather than a computer. Focusing on two things, i.e., being small and being useful, the pomera lets you write/type anywhere with absolute ease, letting content writers, authors, poets, scriptwriters, technical writers, etc. set up shop anywhere and type with the effortlessness of having a keyboard right in front of you… however, the pomera is just about as small as your wallet.

The pomera is to writing what the Kindle is to reading. Designed to provide a focused, unparalleled experience, the pomera is compact yet opens up into a full-sized keyboard, complete with an e-ink screen. Made to do one job and do it spectacularly, the pomera comes with a keyboard that feels as complete as a laptop keyboard, and an e-ink screen that feels like the real deal, while lasting longer too. Built to run on two AA batteries, the pomera lets you write, edit, save, and even send bodies of text (and even spreadsheets) to other devices via an SD card, USB, or a QR code. When done, it folds back into its small avatar that slides easily into your pocket. Developed in Japan, the pomera comes in both Japanese and English formats. Designed to do one thing and do it with sheer expertise, the pomera is heaven-sent for people who spend hours drafting documents, allowing them to write comfortably, and without any distractions. Also, in the words of the great Ron Swanson, “They can’t hack into a typewriter.”

Designer: KING JIM

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What is pomera?

pomea is a mobile device dedicated to entering text. Its compact body houses a foldable keyboard, which is as large and convenient as that of a laptop. pomera starts immediately after being turned on and continues to run on batteries for many hours. It’s useful on the go, in a meeting and other settings.


pomera Enters the US Market

With the first model having been released in Japan in 2008, pomera will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2018. In 2008, people who were using laptops on the go or on business trips were unhappy about the heavy weight, large size, slow startup and short battery life. They would carry heavy laptops just to take notes. During meetings, they would surf websites, becoming distracted from work. They wanted an easy-to-use tool just for entering text, which led them to develop pomera. Now it is used taking notes as well as for writing, such as novels. They have launched pomera on Kickstarter, because they want this unique tool to be used by people in the U.S. and Japan.


Key Layout

This pomera version will have a US layout.

Tri-fold Keyboard

They have developed a new tri-fold keyboard for pomera. It features generously sized keys of with a horizontal pitch of 17 mm and a vertical pitch of 15.5 mm. The keyboard also contains key feet. These feet are linked to opening and closing movements of the keyboard and are automatically extended when it is opened. This means that the keyboard is stable and ready for use with minimum effort.


6″ Electronic Paper Display


Battery Life

The device works continuously for approx. 20 hours on two AA alkaline or eneloop batteries. The batteries can be replaced easily and immediately when they have run out, allowing worry-free operation.


Outline Function

A list of headings is displayed on the left side of the screen as you edit text on the right side. This allows you to make changes based on each heading or arrange the order, ensuring quick corrections and editing. This function is useful for text that is divided into chapters.


Line Number and Grid Display

Check the line number at a glance, which is convenient for long text. The device can also display a grid in the background.


microUSB & SD Card

Text created on pomera can be saved to its internal memory or an SD card. The saved data can be transferred to a computer via a microUSB cable or SD card.



Use of FlashAir, an SD card with wireless LAN function, enables the data stored on a card to be read via wireless LAN.






Click here to Buy Now: $352.00 $503.00 (30% off). Hurry, only 20 left!